Wireless & 1:1 Survey

At the request of the North Carolina General Assemlby, and the State Board of Education, the Cloud team carried out some preliminary work to assess the state of wireless networking and student devices. This survey provides an update to the statewide assessment work the team complete in the planning phase. This work will inform the deployment of Cloud Services and the Instructional Improvement System (Homebase). Additionally, the General Assembly is currently considering legislation to provide funding flexible to expand access to more devices and networking. Some initial findings and the questions asked on the survey are below. Additionally, we have provided a RAW data dump of the survey as well.

Planning Phase Complete

The NC Education Cloud recently completed the initial phase of planning for the deployment of the program. This plan was built around the results of the site survey and interview process. More information on the results of the site survey are below.

In creating the NCEducation Cloud we aim to improve service reliability, increase efficiency, and decrease long-term IT costs, while re-aligning local technical resources away from supporting and managing infrastructure and toward supporting contemporary instructional and administrative systems and services.  As this recommendation is related to the deployment and support of technology infrastructure, we make no claims related to educational outcomes.

While the overarching planning process is complete, we are now working to developing individual plans for each project under the NC Education Cloud Program. More information on these plans can be found under the Projects Underway section of the site. To see the overarching Cloud Work Plan click here.

Site Interviews Data

As part of the planning process, all LEAs and several Charter Schools participated in a detailed site survey and interview process. This process provided the Cloud Program with a significant data set to ensure the successful migration and deployment of cloud services across ths state.

Resources Related to the Survey:

Raw Data From Cloud Surveys: