NC Education Cloud Work Plan

The NC Education Cloud Work Plan as approved by the State Board of Education and the Governor's Education Transformation Commission.

Shared Learning Collaborative

North Carolina is one of nine states participating in the Shared Learning Collaborative. This initiative compliments the work of the North Carolina Education Cloud program.

RttT Proposal Documents Related to Cloud

The NC Education Cloud Initiative was included as part of A2 of North Carolina's Race to the Top proposal.

LEA Detailed Scope of Work Information

The NC Education Cloud team provided three guidance documents to assist LEAs develop their Detailed Scopes of Work for local expenditures of Race to the Top funds.

State Scope of Work

In addition to the LEA Scopes of work, the Department of Public Instruction developed a Detailed Scope of Work for the state portion of North Carolina's Race to the Top award. While the NC Education Cloud is being funded from the LEA share of funds, since it it being deployed on behalf of LEAs by the state, it is included in the state plan.

Other National Initiatives Impacting Education Technology

Several other large national reforms will impact the development of the NC Education Cloud. Some of these include the National Education Technology Plan as well as the National Broadband.