End User Performance Management

MCNC has tools in place to actively monitor and manage from the core of NCREN to the NCREN CPE connected to the firewalls at the perimeter of LEA’s networks.  This network centric monitoring and management framework, even though it provides rich information of the network health, does not reflect application performance that an end user truly experiences.  In order to diagnose and remove impedances that hinder application performance, there is a need to design a service reference architecture which provides guidelines on how to measure end-to-end performance from a user’s perspective.  The reference architecture will make recommendations as to what what software agents, tools, and/or appliances need to be deployed as instrumentation points on NCREN and at an LEA’s domain in order to provide insights on how applications may perform at an end user’s system.  Through the implementation of this reference architecture, LEA technical personnel will be able to monitor and diagnose application performance issues with a goal to enhance end user’s experiences.

Service Objectives:
Engineering Support.  Design a service architecture that provides guidelines on performance instrumentation at an end user level (or as much close to an end user as possible).  This instrumentation will enable LEA technical personnel to monitor and improve application performance from an end user point of view.

Project Management:
Frank Jou, Sr. Lead Solutions Architect MCNC