Data Integration Service

The NC Education Cloud Data Integration Service shall provide an enterprise data utility service that collects and aggregates data residing in disparate sources and provides the cloud services and LEAs a unified view of the data.  The Data Integration Service will provide a single access point with standardized interfaces for consuming data.  The Data Integration Service will operate on three traditional data management functions:  Extract, Transfer, and Load (ETL).  
The Extract function will collect data from various source systems.  The Transform function will perform any necessary cleaning, reformatting, standardization, and aggregation on the data elements.  Finally, the Load function will load the result data into specified target systems or file formats.  

Overall, the DIS will provide a standard and reliable service to perform various needed data movements and transformations by cloud services and LEA application systems. It has the potential to reduce support costs through more effective data provisioning and quicker service deployment.
DIS Working Plan

The Data Integration Service team has released the draft Working Plan. This plan will guide the upcoming RFP process for this project, as well as the initial deployment of the system.

To see the plan click here.

Basic Data Integration Overview

Traditional ETL Diagram

Project Management

Sammie Carter, Systems Architect

LEA Working Group