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AS/400 Centralization

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI) currently operates and maintains an IBM iSeries environment that is used for financial, human resources, and licensure related applications. Additionally, every Public School district operates and maintains a similar environment. In general, most districts locate their iSeries systems in facilities that lack sufficient space, power, cooling, and physical security measures. These conditions are exacerbated by thinning technology staff sufficiently trained to manage such infrastructure.

The North Carolina Education Cloud seeks an opportunity to reduce costs, improve reliability, and enhance security by creating a shared iSeries environment in a cloud-type architecture (infrastructure as a service) shared with both the Agency and districts.

This project will migrate an initial 20 LEA and DPI sytems to a centralized environment, with the option for additional LEAs to migrate for a fixed rate at their convenience.

Contracts and Procurement
The request for proposals on this project has been released and closed. More information on migrations once a contract is awarded.
Project Management
Phil Emer, Director of Technology and Policy
Lee Sartain, Education Policy Specialist