The NC Education Cloud (NCEdCloud) will provide a highly reliable, highly available, server infrastructure supporting the K-12 education enterprise statewide.  Specifically, we will facilitate migration from LEA-hosted server infrastructure to cloud-hosted infrastructure as a service.  The primary objective of the NCEdCloud is to provide a world-class IT infrastructure as a foundational component of the NC education enterprise.  Moreover, the NCEdCloud will provide for:

  • Equity of access to compute and storage resources;
  • Efficient scaling according to aggregate NC K-12 usage requirements;
  • Consistently high availability, reliability and performance;
  • A common infrastructure platform to support emerging instructional and data systems;
  • Sustainable and predictable operational cost.

Robust technology infrastructure will support data-driven decision-making, for the development of and access to online instructional resources, and to transition the focus of district technical resources from infrastructure to users and instruction.  Furthermore, prudent one-time investments in technology infrastructure service platforms buy down long-term IT costs, providing sustainable funding for new instructional and leadership programs.

More on on model can be found here.

Program Leadership

North Carolina's Race to the Top Program is being carried out by the Department of Public Instruction and Partner Institutions such as the Friday Institute at North Carolina State University.

The North Carolina Education Cloud is being led by a Program Director that reports to Race to the Top leadership at the Department of Public Instruction. The overall RttT organizational structure can be found here.

Program Leadership:

For more information about the team leading the NC Education Cloud click here.

Advisory Structure

At the highest level the NC Education Cloud has oversight from the NC State Board of Education and the Governor's Education Transformation Commission. In addition the program will have LEA oversight from an Education Cloud Advisory Committee.

Working Groups will be formed to provide specific advisement to the major elements of the program in the areas of Infrastructure and Platform. Additionally Ad Hoc groups may be formed to provide assistance with specific projects.

Advisory Structure:

For more information about the advisory members of the the NC Education Cloud click here.