From Superintendent Atkinson & Chairman Harrison

Dear North Carolina Friends & Partners In Education,

Welcome to the North Carolina Education Cloud public website.

North Carolina is clear on its priorities for improving K-12 education. With deep commitments from the State Board of Education, the NC Department of Public Instruction and the Governor’s Education Cabinet, we are making significant progress in public education.

The Race to the Top award is an excellent opportunity to further accelerate our efforts to improve schools and access to high quality learning for our children.  North Carolina already has a strong history of education innovation. Our work goals and strategies are aligned to Race to the Top’s goals, and we have strong partnerships within the education community in the state and across the nation. Our collaborative spirit and focus on 21st century learning and standards are helping us align to the Race to the Top goals and meet the program’s required assurances.

We are impressed by the great work North Carolina’s RttT teams have done so far and are in constant contact with the team chairs to further develop and refine the innovative initiatives that will lead our state’s proposal.  That said, we also recognize we have much work ahead in order to be successful in bringing this funding to North Carolina. We have a process in place (through our various working teams) to develop two proposal drafts over the coming months, and we welcome your input and feedback at each step along the way.  As we continue with this process, we look forward to further engaging our many important partners, including teachers, administrators, and other educators, as well as businesses, government, foundations, associations, parents and communities . Our goal is to create a proposal that will help North Carolina public schools work better for our students.

Thank you for your commitment to this effort and to the future of North Carolina education.

Bill Harrison
Chairman, State Board of Education

June Atkinson
State Superintendent of Public Instruction